NJN has helped me to choose best nutrition to maintain my health during busy schedule.


Best life comes from good nutrition, and NJN provides me with what I need!


I have used NJN for many years to suggest healthy foods for my family.

There are lots of people in this world who really need to pay attention to their nutrition needs. New Jersey Nutrition (NJN) comes with a service of educating and obviously guiding the clients for their nutritional needs. We provide you all of the information and support that you would need for improving your life, particularly on the quality of health. We would accommodate any clients who desperate of healthier life with the most professional consulting services. We are the New Jersey Nutrition services and consultant would also show the clients on how having the good and sincere lifestyle for the healthiest life of every individual.

The New Jersey Nutrition provides you the series of the nutrition care and preserve through the long term nutritional cares which generally consists of personal nutrition consulting and coaching, lunch and learn and grocery store tours. Within the comprehensive and cost-effective manner, we really dedicate ourselves to the people who desire the high-quality life. Our method begins with the personal nutrition consulting and coaching where it refers to the one on one consultation with our professional health advisor. The purpose of this consultation and coaching is clear enough where it would serve you with all of the needed information related to the healthy life establishment. The personal consultation and coaching would consist of several associated field such as the meal content, food selection portion control and weight management. The clients would also be deeply informed with the numerous diseases and disorders which would likely happen when experiencing lack of nutrition. We are also available for any phone, email or Skype consultation.

Before the lunch and learn, the client would also be enriched with several meaningful explanation for the cooking demonstration. The client would be shown on how to modify the family recipes in order to avoid the typical disease caused by the daily unhealthy consumption such as heart failure, diabetes and many more. At the lunch and learn, the discussion of the portion control and timing for meals would become the focus. To make the clients aware with the meals which contain of high sodium, fat and cholesterol and also the sugary element is the purpose for this lesson. Completed by the grocery store tours, the individual would become more cautious by knowing on how to understand the food label. It would enrich the knowledge for selecting the healthy snack and meal. Our long term nutritional care would also contain the medical nutrition assessment; development, implementation and reviews of the nutrition plans and also the collaboration and communication with the health care providers for the interdisciplinary party.

Lori, Winston and Maggie have proven our lovable service after all. The three feel satisfied with the given nutrition care wrapped in the comprehensive lesson and advice and also cost-effective manner as well as they feel the desirable impact on their life. Lori says that her life is totally changed into the bright one. Even with the busy schedule of hers, she manages to maintain her health by selecting the best nutrition from the abundant of offered meals and dishes. The same thing also happens for Winston and Maggie where they have succeed in taking back the control of their body after joining us, the New Jersey Nutrition service. Regaining the healthy and normal body from any diseases and disorders indeed become the most reason for joining us, yet not a few of them who follow the positive lifestyle and healthy eating from us only to get fit with their pants size.

The more essential thing on what you really need to know for establishing the good health is the nutrition facts. There are indeed so many controversy related to the nutrition which never stop confusing the people. We, the NJN service are ready to provide you with the most trusted nutrition facts where you could rely on. We would gladly to inform you the true and false of the nutrient facts such as how the added sugar really affects our life with the empty calories or the crucial omega-3 fats for preventing various diseases. The most popular topic when it comes to the nutrition, diet also would not go off from our range. So, here we are the New Jersey Nutrition service for your total health solution.